Township Officials

Hepburn Township is a Second Class Township under Pennsylvania State Statutes. The governing body of a Second Class Township is a Board of Supervisors. The Supervisors are elected from the Township, at-large, to six (6) year terms. One member of the Board is elected every two (2) years in the odd year to begin serving January 1st of the even year. The Board of Supervisors are vested with the Executive and Legislative powers of the Township.

Hepburn Township Board of Supervisors

Robert Fesemyer Jr.

Mr. Fesemyer is in his fourteenth (14th) year as a Supervisor in Hepburn Township and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. Bob is retired after working many years in retail outlets including positions in sales, management, and credit management.

Bob and his wife Nancy have five children and eleven grandchildren.

"I look forward to a more active role in the future of our Township."

Oscar Schon

Mr. Schon is in his twelfth (12th) year as a Supervisor in Hepburn Township and currently serves as the Roadmaster overseeing the Roads Department. Oscar is employed by Tebbs Brothers Landscaping. Oscar is a life long resident of the township.

Oscar and his wife Valerie have two children and five grandchildren.

Heath Heller

Mr. Heller is in his first (1st) year as a Supervisor in Hepburn Township.

Hepburn Township Staff

Patricia Foster, Secretary/Treasurer

Mrs. Foster is in her nineteenth (19th) year serving as Township Secretary/Treasurer. Patty was Treasurer for thirteen years and has served as the Secretary/Treasurer for the last six years. Patty is retired after owning her own business with her husband Mike for many years.

Patty and her husband Mike have three children and three grandchildren.

Don Robinson, Zoning/Codes Officer

Mr. Robinson is in his tenth (10th) year serving as Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer for the township. Don is retired but remains active with his wife Sandy in Balls Mills United Methodist Church and the Township.

Scott Paulhamus, Road Foreman

Mr. Paulhamus has been employed by the Township in the road department for 22 years. Scott was promoted to Road Foreman in 2012. When he is not hard at work in the township, Scott can be found working at his family coal business and spending time with his family.

Scott and his wife Holly have three children.