On-Lot Septic Program

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On-Lot Sewage Management Program Ordinance
Hepburn Twp Approved Pumper/Hauler List
Hepburn Twp Septic Pumping Schedule by Road

In 1990, the Department of Environmental Resources (now known as Pennsylvania DEP) required the Township to implement a sewage treatment maintenance program. The reasoning for this action was due to the substantial number of malfunctioning septic systems in the Township. These malfunctioning systems not only pose a health hazard but they are a leading cause of groundwater contamination.

In 1992, the Township Supervisors approved an ordinance requiring township residents to have their septic systems pumped and inspected every 5 years. This ordinance was updated in 2015 and can be found above. The inspection identifies any malfunctioning system resulting in sewage waste contaminating the ground, stormwater, and waterways.

The Township will send a letter out to each resident the year they are required to have their septic system inspected and pumped by a certified/licensed pumper/hauler recognized by the Township as such. The resident will be required to return the permit fee to the Township and then will be sent their permit and a list of certified/licensed pumper/haulers. The system inspection and pumping must be completed and the paperwork returned to the Township within 7 months after receiving your letter. The purpose of the required pumping and inspection is:

1. To remove the waste - Systems which are not maintained have a higher concentration of waste in the tank reservoir. If the waste is not removed, it would be forced to go into the leach field, possibly causing premature malfunctioning and costly repairs.

2. To remove oils, greases and solids in the system - Major cause of plugged leach field lines.

3. To take a close look at your septic tank (if possible). Concrete tanks with baffles can deteriorate causing greases to enter your leach field lines.

NOTE: No matter how careful you are with your system, each time you wash dishes, wash the clothes or take a shower, greases and oils go into the system. Septic tanks are designed to be cleaned out periodically and Hepburn Township requires that this be done every five years.