This is a general guideline of events required to subdivide property within Hepburn Township. These guidelines may change without notice due to changing regulations from either the state, county or local level.

  • Prepare a Certified Survey of the subdivision by a licensed surveyor. The survey should show the following as a minimum:
    • Surrounding properties and their owner
    • Perk test sites (with a secondary site)
    • Any proposed right-of-ways
    • Show land contours
    • Make sure you have incorporated all County and Twp. Zoning regulations
  • Have your perk test performed by SEO Mike McClain at (570) 916-6067
  • Submit the survey to the Lycoming County Planning Commission for their review and comments. The Lycoming County Planning Commission is located in the Executive Plaza building in Williamsport, 330 Pine Street and can be contacted at (570) 320-2130.
  • Once approved by the Lycoming County Planning Commission, contact the Hepburn Township Planning Commission to make your appointment for review by contacting Jeff Keiss at (570) 435-5415 or Clyde Schon at (570) 998-2488.
  • Bring a minimum of four (4) County approved survey copies to the monthly meeting of the Hepburn Township Planning Commission. Your paperwork must include the results of the perk test and the comments from the County.
  • If the plans meet the township's criteria, the Township Planning Commission will approve them and submit the plans to the Township Supervisors that same evening for approval.
  • Final approval must be obtained from SEO Mike McClain before the subdivision can be approved.
  • Perk test paperwork must then be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for approval.

The total process time can take from four (4) to six (6) months.

Please contact Chairman Jeff Keiss at (570) 435-5415 if you have any questions regarding the subdivision process.